Rediscover church youth

We believe in a a God that encounters and loves all ages. Therefore, we also believe in a Church that does likewise. The young people play a significant role in the life of the church, and our heart is to see them grow into all that God has for them. We have a variety of different events that happen throughout the year, in which we pray we see young people encounter and pursue God feverently.
We have a variety of different events throughout the year for our young people, a few major trips that take place throughout the year and then also our regular meeting events each week.

The Youth Space (Sunday)
This is our space for the 11-15s during our Sunday service. After communal worship the young people leave the service to a different room where they can engage with a specific topic and explore what God may want to say to them.

ROOTED (Tuesday)
ROOTED  is an evening of worship, teaching, & fun! ROOTED finds its primary emphasis in allowing young people to engage with God and providing a space for them to be empowered and equipped to serve an all loving God. We continue to experience awesome encounters with God during Tuesday nights! All people welcome. 

ROOTED happens at 6.30pm, every Tuesday and is situated in the Rediscover Church building.

The Feast
The Feast happens on the first Sunday of every month after our church service, in which our 15+ group leaves to Jo's house (one of the youth leaders), to eat together and enjoy each others fellowship. All are welcome!

The Feast continues to be extremely popular amongst The Rediscover Youth. The Rediscover Youth family eat together!