We understand that going somewhere you've never been before can be daunting and we do everything we can to ensure visitors of all ages and backgrounds have a very positive experience.

Below you will find details of times, locations, car parking and transport but first let us give you an idea of what you can expect.


You will be helpfully greeted when you arrive by friendly normal people. We have a team of people who are available to help in any way they can.


You can choose your seating and our stewards are always available to give advice on where may suit your needs best.

Relaxed atmosphere

When you enter the building you will find a relaxed environment with modern music playing in the background. People feel comfortable wearing what they feel comfortable wearing. Most people wear casual to casual smart clothing but it's really up to you. People are friendly (we've all visited for the first time) and you will see lots of genuine smiles. We are very diverse in many ways - lots of young people, young adults, families and not so young adults join us each week coming from all sorts of walks of life. We are also culturally diverse, with many different nationalities represented. Many didn't grow up in church and wouldn't ever have considered themselves to be the 'church attending' type of person.

The Service

A greeting will be given from the stage and then the band will begin to lead some contemporary Christian songs. The words appear on the large screen and people sing along and participate, often standing. The songs are often quite simple to learn so visitors often feel able to join in - but they are free just to take in all that is going on around them. The music is rhythmic with the band containing a range of instrumentation. The experience is joyful, positive and uplifting.


Other elements that may be included are prayers for specific needs, stories of people who have experienced God help them, communion (a celebration of Jesus death and resurrection using the symbols of bread and juice) and announcements of things coming up in the church calendar. We also take an offering each week but this is primarily an opportunity for regulars to give. 

Kids & Youth

We have excellent kids and youth programmes for various ages, run by gifted teams (all DBS checked with appropriate safeguarding training). Kids and young people are involved in the main service up until the announcements, at which point guidance is given on where they should go for their specialised age specific programme. Our teams will be on hand to introduce them to others and ensure they have an excellent experience.

Exeter Rediscover Church Sunday 18th September 2016-35.jpg

The Talk

Each week a bible based talk is given. We find that the bible is full of gems that when explained, can relevantly impact our lives. The speakers are really down to earth and take care to explain things clearly, often using illustrations. Talks may include humour, inspirational stories and observations from every day life but they always centre around the relevant message of the bible.

The Response

We will often give opportunity for people to be prayed with in person. Some may want to become a Christian, others will be looking for healing or hope in a difficult situation and our team count it a privilege to get alongside them.

After the Service

We have excellent coffee and tea available for free and people often stay around for a while enjoying being together in such a great atmosphere. We also have a welcome lounge where first time visitors can meet others, and explore more about the wider activities of the church.


Times & Locations

Exeter: Sunday 9:30am and 11.30am

Rediscover Church, Northernhay Street, EX4 3ER

(City Centre, opposite Mecure Hotel, near Central Train Station)