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A prayer to prayer as you have a drink break....

Week 2:

Heavenly Father - If I had gone days without a drink I'm sure I would appreciate this drink even more than I do right now. Maybe I've become too familiar with its availability so don't appreciate it fully - likewise maybe I've become too familiar with you and have lost my wonder in knowing the King of kings loves me and is with me at all times.

The Psalmist said (Psalm 42:1) 'As the deer pants for the water so my soul longs after you'. Help me to crave after you in the same way a thirsty deer would. Help me to chase after you and long for your Spirit to pour into my life.

In Jesus name. AMEN

Week 1:

I thank you Father God that in the busyness of my day, I am able to take this moment to be reminded that you are with me throughout the day.
I thank you that you have promised to us the provision of living water which will cause us to never thirst again. As I drink this natural drink to refresh my body, I invite your Holy Spirit to fill my soul, to renew my strength and satisfy my longings.
There are so many great tastes in this world but none as sweet as Jesus - your name is like honey on my lips and your Spirit is like water to my soul. Help me to keep my mind and heart fixed and focussed on you throughout the day.
Jesus I love you and I know that you love me with your unconditional love.