40 Days of Prayer

22nd Oct - 1st Dec

What began as a week of prayer has turned into 40 days of prayer. The Holy Spirit seems to be working deeply in many of our lives and we believe God is continuing to call us to posture our hearts before Him.

We believe we are stepping into a new season which is captured in this prophetic word which Pastor Mark believes God has spoken to the church.

We encourage all the Rediscover Church Family to create space within the rhythms of our days and let God work deeply in our lives. Below are resources to help you, including daily devotions and sample prayers to use. There are also helpful links of teaching on issues of fasting and prayer. We invite you to join us in going higher and deeper.

Day 30

Day 29

Daily Devotions Catch Up

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Prayers throughout the day-2.png

As we begin our day let us give thanks for the many blessings we have and invite God to shine through our words, actions, thoughts and attitudes

Prayers throughout the day-4.png

As we hold our warm drink we thank God for the warmth of His love which continuously surround us

Prayers throughout the day-5.png

Take a break and ask God to renew our strength, to anoint us with His power and speak through us with His wisdom. May we be filled with his strength and provision

Prayers throughout the day-6.png

As you walk to school, university, work or exercise the dog, give thanks that God is with us every step we take

Prayers throughout the day-3.png

As the day comes to an end we thank God that He is the light that brings light to the world. We thank Him that He promises to direct our steps and guide us 

Prayers throughout the day-7.png

Praying for our Rediscover Church Community as we continue to follow the plans and adventures of God

Prayer tools & Teaching