Our Story

George Jeffries (Front Left) and the early team he put together called the 'Elim Evangelistic Band'

George Jeffries (Front Left) and the early team he put together called the 'Elim Evangelistic Band'

In Exeter Since 1928....

There has been an Elim Church serving the community in Exeter since 1928. The church has changed in many aspects of style over these years but has consistently desired to present the timeless hope of the gospel of Jesus.

Elim's Beginnings

Founded in 1915 by George Jeffries, a young welsh evangelist, he travelled all over the UK & Ireland, sharing the gospel. Often drawing large crowds and attracting the attention of the press, these early years were full of remarkable stories of healing.

Exeter was one of a number of places in England the team visited in 1928 - from this a church began.

The congregation later began meeting in the Providence Chapel on Northernhay Road which continues to be it's home today. While the building retains it's external features, internally it has undergone significant development to offer very modern facilities.

Growth, Expansion and an Exciting Future...

Building on the foundations of the past, the church continues to clearly communicate the relevant message of the bible, attracting people from all walks of life who have encountered a relationship with God which has changed their lives.

The church is now bigger than it has ever been and has expanded it's ministry into other locations. The River congregation in Plymouth was started in 2011 and now attracts a vibrant and growing community of diverse people. 

In 2016 the church was renamed 'Rediscover Church' which captures the heart of the churches mission - to invite all people to rediscover what they understand church to be and find thriving life in God. 2016 was also the year the church launched its 24/7 prayer room - throughout the day and night there is a permanent space available to church members so they can have encounter date times with God.

The church continues to grow and reach more people both through vibrant activities throughout it's locations as well as with a growing online community. We look to expand further in the near future, as we offer the relevant message of the gospel to communities across Devon.