We are called to help people 'Rediscover' who
they are and why they are on this earth

God made everyone to thrive in relationship with Him but this
has been lost. Jesus came to seek and save the lost and
commissioned His church to join in this mission. We want to
provoke and inspire people to rediscover this purpose

Everyone has an impression of what church is
but sadly this is often different from the church
God designed

We want to both 'be' the church God designed and also invite
everyone to challenge their stereo-types and rediscover
church for themselves

It is a more unique name, enabling people to find
us more easily

Many people search for us online before visiting us and
having a more distinct name will prevent us being mistaken
with other churches who use 'River' or a derivative of it in
their name

the process

Over the coming months you will see our whole church change from leaflets to website and banking.
For those who email us or access our website please continue using the riverchurch.tv URL and email addresses.
When the change happens, all mail and searches will be redirected to the new address'
For those who give, we are in the process of changing our bank account details,
but please continue to use the old information until we notify you.

Live | Love | Thrive

Living for God

Loving All

thriving in life