We want to be a community of people helping one another to grow and develop as followers of Jesus. Our Rediscover Academy offers our church the opportunity to do this.

Online Modular Learning & Growth Group Development

We have developed an 'on demand' online learning platform which will increasingly host a wide range of modules. It is our hope that all members of the church will be continually growing and developing in their faith by being active students on the Rediscover Academy.


Modules range in both content and length. We aim for each module to require around 45-90 minutes of personal engagement with our online platform each week and they range from 4-7 weeks in length.

Course Partner

We encourage all students on the academy to work with a course partner - someone they share thoughts, prayers and testimonies with throughout the course. 

Each module has a leader who will help students find their course partner. The module leader will also play a supportive role throughout.


Students ideally will come to one of our launch evenings which take place once every season. These evenings explain how the academy works, the benefits of each module and introduces the module leaders and other students to one another.