Prophetic Word Shared By Pastor Mark 12/11/17


TeXt of Prophetic Word

I want to be your delight.

I want your hearts to be so captivated by me that the greatest thrill you long for is being with me.

There have been many counterfeit gods captivating your hearts and I am exposing them as inadequate. I long to reveal my glory to you but I need the counterfeit gods to be removed in order for there to be space for my glory to be revealed.

Turn away from your foreign gods – gods of offence, disappointment, regrets, selfishness, money, lust, status. Turn away and find me waiting for your embrace. Embrace me as your overwhelming, deeply satisfying, abundantly providing, excessively loving God.

Let me envelop you completely – let me show you my glory. Let go of everything else and let me be your everything.

This is not only a season of change – this is a changing season. I am preparing you for this changing season which is in motion, and those prepared will rejoice. Be ready, be ready, be ready.

The changing season will see the arid place become the abundant place. The changing season will see lifeless man-made structures become life-filled organic Kingdom expressions. The oil of my presence will flow in abundance and will not be contained in buildings – any place that you go will be a place where I flow. You will be so captivated by my presence that you will carry me with an expectation of ‘breakout’ in any situation. I will breakout in the most unlikely of places. I will reveal my light in the darkest places because you carry me there with an expectation of breakout.

The oil of my presence will open up unusual doors of influence – doors that will be criticized, doors that will be opposed but doors that no man can shut. It will be my doing and you will marvel. Do not fear, do not be intimidated, do not hesitate but keep following the oil of my presence.

You will marvel at the works of my hands if you delight in me – if you allow my embrace to be all encompassing – if you will place me above all else.

Delight yourself in me in this season of change as I bring a changing season into being.

Pastor Mark Pugh