Welcome to Rediscover Plymouth Community


Our Plymouth community initially came out from Exeter in September 2011 and has existed in many forms over the last 7 years. We are part of Churches Together in Plymouth and a strong supporter of the local network of churches, working with everyone else in the city to see God’s kingdom established and HIS church built in Plymouth.

Today we exist as a series of Life Groups around the City with a burning passion to see everyone in our community empowered to:
LIVE for God, LOVE everyone and THRIVE in His abundant life.

We are all about doing life together and seeing God's kingdom come in Plymouth and Devon. The community is overseen by a local core team of gifted leaders and supported by the wider Rediscover Church leadership.

Sundays + Life Groups


We encourage people in our community to MEET in LIFE GROUPS, enjoy time together socially and in our local ministries. Sundays we encourage people to either travel or watch our Exeter Services Online.

how to get involved

We arrange transport among our community members to travel up to Exeter on Sundays or watching online.

You can watch online at: live.rediscoverchurch.com

To find out more about meeting some of our community or joining a life group please email - plymouth@rediscoverchurch.com

If your interested in finding out more and want to sit down with a local leader we are happy to meet you for a coffee and talk about our community with you. just email us and ask.


Life groups