For those homeless in Exeter and living on the streets, being outside in the freezing cold evenings is putting health and life at risk.

The Hot Water Bottle Network is just one simple way to try and help those who are at most in need.

We’re asking you for your donations to help purchase 100 hot water bottles to distribute to those who are vulnerable on the streets and help keep them a little bit warmer at night.  

The Hot Water Bottle Network is also run across the country and many hundreds of water bottles have been given out making a real difference to people’s lives.


This project is being run by 15-year old Sophie Clist who says:

I decided to launch the project because helping those on the streets is something I absolutely feel God has put on my heart. It hurts my heart to walk past someone on the street, knowing that I'm going home to a warm house. I really wanted to do something to make a real difference, and so I went home and prayed about it, and the idea of hot water bottles came to mind. I did a little research and came across the Hot Water Bottle Network, which has been done in a few other cities across Devon, but not yet Exeter, and so I decided to launch it here. ‘

I believe it's really important to help the homeless because they are people just like us, and I feel these people are often overlooked by society. Just because someone is homeless this is no reason to treat them as if they are inferior, or just walk past and ignore them. There is so much need, and with this, so much good we can do, and joy we can bring to people through the simplest of acts.

Thank you for standing with us and showing that we're not prepared to put up with social injustice, and for showing those on the streets that they are loved valued and cherished. It really means a lot!

How can I help?

  • We’d love to give out 100 hot water bottles to the homeless in Exeter. Complete the form below to purchase a hot water bottle for £6 each

  • We are also looking for 6 businesses in Exeter to be available for individuals to come in and refill their hot water bottles as and when needed. Please email if you would be available to help with this

  • Finally, we’re looking for volunteers to help give out the bottles to homeless and displaced individuals across Exeter. Tell us in the form below if you are able to help out in this way too

Donate towards

a hot water bottle for £6



- Sophie Clist