Foundations Course

Foundations Course (16_9).png

Starting Wednesday 5TH SEPT, 7.30pm

Foundations is a short informal course that gives you an opportunity to explore the core and elemental beliefs of Christianity! It runs for 8 weeks at church with a meal provided. Topics that will be covered include the Holy Spirit, the cross and victory over sin.

"It opens up your spiritual mind, challenges your faith, belief and perception; guiding you through the path that then helps you build that solid foundation that is well-rooted in Christ. It builds and keeps increasing the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of His word and love towards us" - Ken
"I gained a fresh and deeper understanding of things that I thought I knew.The course can benefit ANYONE regardless of whether they are new in faith or have been in a relationship with Christ for ages" - Oratile
"Rather than being another thing I had to do in the week, it was more like a peaceful time to catch up with family and grow with them" - Zube