Week of Prayer - Friday

Welcome to the Week of Prayer - Day 5 (Friday 27th April 2018)

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When Jesus was asked ‘teach us how to pray’ he answered with what has become known as the Lord’s prayer. He didn’t give it to us so we could recite it, but so we could have a template to help us in our prayers. We will be looking at this prayer template over our week of prayer.





You have an enemy and one of his greatest tricks is to ‘appear’ invisible. If he can get us to think he’s not a real risk then we’ll lower the security measures in our lives and become vulnerable. If there is a spate of burglaries taking place in your neighbourhood, it is likely to get you revisiting the security of your home and consider your vulnerabilities – when you’re aware, you prepare.

Jesus was clear - there is an enemy of our souls who seeks to get a foothold in our lives. The devil comes to steal, to kill and destroy - but Jesus brings life in all its fullness.

This prayer reminds us that we need the wisdom and help of God to keep evil out and righteousness in.

But if you’ve previously let the enemy in and find your life compromised – there is freedom available. Jesus has served an eviction order on the rights of evil in our lives and reminds us to pray that this eviction order will be enacted because of the victory of Jesus.

Jesus help us to live secure and free.


Don's Daily Devotional

Join us for an inspiring and exciting adventure exploring God’s Word with Don Edmonds. Don has been a prayer warrior in our church for many years, and we asked him to lead us in 5 scriptures that we can pray into our lives this prayer week.

Our key scripture this week is Psalm 103:1-5.



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