Week of Prayer - Wednesday

Welcome to the Week of Prayer - Day 3 (Wednesday 25th April 2018)

If you missed yesterday's devotional, you can catch up here.

When Jesus was asked ‘teach us how to pray’ he answered with what has become known as the Lord’s prayer. He didn’t give it to us so we could recite it, but so we could have a template to help us in our prayers. We will be looking at this prayer template over our week of prayer.





There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh bread. As its’ aroma permeates throughout the home, it can completely captivate our senses. It’s amazing how quickly fresh bread become stale bread – that soft bouncy loaf you buy from the bakers, in the space of days becomes undesirable. If you leave it long enough it will also change colour!

Jesus said there is fresh bread, fresh provision, fresh sustenance, fresh mercy, fresh joy. He told us we should pray, not just for bread, but for ‘daily bread’, fresh bread.

Are you living off stale crusts, past experiences, past revelation, past joy. Praise God for those provisions of your past but He wants to give you fresh bread.

Let’s pray that God will expand our faith and cause our hearts to be receptive to fresh provision in your life today. Let’s pray for ‘fresh provision’ in our lives, in our families, in our church and in our county.


Don's Daily Devotional

Join us for an inspiring and exciting adventure exploring God’s Word with Don Edmonds. Don has been a prayer warrior in our church for many years, and we asked him to lead us in 5 scriptures that we can pray into our lives this prayer week.

Our key scripture this week is Psalm 103:1-5.



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