Week of Prayer 23rd April 2018 - Introduction from Pastor Mark

THE Week of Prayer is here!

It's the perfect opportunity for us to seek God for another level. But what's it all about? How can we seek God and discover the next level He has for us. Don't miss this intro to the week from Pastor Mark...



Why a week of prayer & fasting?

Prayer is central to Rediscover Church. Prayer is Gods RSVP to get closer to Him. He is a relational God who is looking for us to walk closely with Him and become more like Him as a result.

let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice
— Psalm 105:3

Prayer is a way of ‘seeking’ the Lord and is reason for rejoicing, but how do we pray? That’s a question the early followers of Jesus also asked - and in reply He gave what has become known as ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. His answer has been memorised parrot fashion throughout the centuries but what Jesus was giving was more of a template than a script. We will be looking at and using this template throughout our week of prayer.

We also encourage the Rediscover family to ‘give up’ or ‘fast’ something during the week. We all know that obtaining something we desire can often require sacrifice. Maybe you’ve given up buying takeaways in order to save for that holiday you desire, or given up that habit for someone you love. Fasting is similar - we say ‘God we so want to seek you and move to a deeper level in our relationship that we are going to give up .........’ . It achieves a few things:

  1. The change of pattern in our lives will continually remind us that we are seeking God (eg. rumbling stomachs for those giving up food or battling the instinct to pick up your phone for those giving up social media)
  2. It frees up time which can be reallocated for prayer
  3. It frees up resources (maybe money you save on food could be invested in someone else’s need)


We have put together some specific resources for you to access throughout this week. All are available via our app or webpage. These include:


  • Short daily teaching videos on the Lord’s Prayer
  • Audio prayers to pray along with
  • Scripture based prayers by a prayer warrior


A First!

Additional to our regular weekly prayer gatherings we are also hosting 2 online live Devon Prayer Net livestream events. We encourage the Rediscover family to tune in from their homes and be a part of this 45-minute interactive prayer experience on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7.30-8.15pm. www.rediscoverchurch.com/weekofprayer 

We are also expectant for a powerful evening of encountering Gods presence at ‘Breathe’ on Friday evening (7.30pm) where we will be bringing all the instruments onto the main floor and gathering together to fix our eyes in worship on Jesus.

Then to conclude we will be hosting PrayerStorm on Saturday from 12-6pm. This will be a powerful day of encounter and seeking God with James & Rebecca Aladiran and team. Entrance is free but you’ll need to book via http://www.prayerstorm.org/awakening-uk-tour 

Church - let’s pray and move into a new level of our walk with God.


Mark Pugh

Lead Pastor