Wednesday 17th October 2018

I have a secret to share...

Hi Rediscover Church Family and beyond, I trust and pray that this Wednesday will be filled with joy and excitement as you live for Jesus. 

I also hope that you have managed to watch today's video. It is during this video that I talked about a secret job I had! It was a job I wasn’t allowed to give my identity away in, it felt so good to have a job where nobody knew what I was doing and I could see the answers to the problems I had answered printed in the weekly women’s magazine... Under no circumstances was I allowed to tell people what I was doing… it felt like being a secret agent … the only person who knew was my own ‘Moneypenny’ Andrea! 

However, for weeks and weeks and weeks my name was never mentioned, in fact the identity I used had no recollection to who I really was…..

My prayer this week is that your 'Sunday person' is mirrored throughout the rest of the week! Let's each of us ask ourselves a question: would a family member or work colleague be shocked to see us in church if they watched online? Does our ‘Sunday Person’ match our 'Rest of the week Person’ or our ‘At home Person’ or even your ‘private person’?…. or is it time to recalibrate and as the definition 'make some small changes so we think and act differently.’?

Confession time, I have taken to singing to myself in the shower!  Over the last week or so, a very old christian song that was sung in the early 70’s has become my morning prayer and I would like to share it with you now, It was called ‘Let the Beauty of Jesus be seen in me!’ the words are as follows:

Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me,
All His wonderful passion and purity;
O my Savior divine, All my being refine,
Till the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.

As we are determined to complete this week of prayer , can we use this time to recalibrate, draw closer to God and allow his spirit to rest in us so the character of God is seen in us… It has become more and more prevalent in my life that ‘I must decrease so HE may Increase’.

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Week of Prayer - Tuesday 16th October

Believe God for the impossible

Written by Ellie and Pete Hall

So often we allow fear to hold the pen when writing the scripts of our prayers. We spend hours asking God for things he has already promised us, if only be believed and trusted. When we begin to step into our identity as sons and daughters of God and gain a Godly confidence that his promises are sure, we can graduate from “God help me!” to “God through me!”

  • What areas in your life may be rooted in lack of trust in God?

  • Which promises of God can you lean on to gain confidence and peace in those areas? (the Bible is full of God’s amazing promises and a quick google search can help you find some you may have forgotten)

When we begin to trust God at his word it allows us to begin to pray for the impossible, the radical, the miraculous.

  • Take time and write down some things you feel inspired to ask for… (this could be salvation or healing for friends or family, outpourings of the Holy Spirit in our community, revival for our nation, etc.)

Dream BIG and believe God for the impossible for “he is able to do immeasurably more than you can ask, think, or imagine, according to his power at work within you” (Ephesians 3:20).

The place I desire for us to get to is not one of ignoring, denying, or pretending we don’t have worries but one where our very souls begin to sing with the peace of trusting God. This comes from saturating our minds with the truth of God’s word and, in the very moments of worry, preaching these promises to ourselves. In this place of confidence and rest, our prayers and way of life, will be radically transformed and the cry of our hearts will no longer be “God help us!” but “God through us!”

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Week of Prayer - Monday 15th October

Getting Your Attention

Your world is about to change...

Judges 6:12 ‘When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, ‘The Lord is with you mighty warrior.’

You’re going about your business and you get interrupted - inconveniently interrupted. I mean what sort of person arrives unannounced and how did they get in here anyway? Then they start going on about things you could do differently. ‘Can’t you see I’m busy here’ you answer - well you don’t actually say it out loud but the momentary stare you give them as good as says it. But they just don’t seem to have got the hint and they carry on talking.

Then he stops talking and just stares at you, silently watching your work and displaying a slightly disapproving look about what you are doing. You stop and stare back, look up into his eyes and ask ‘is there a problem?’ You can’t quite decide whether you want your annoyance to be seen but you’re sure it is.

‘Yes there is’ they answer back. ‘The world outside these walls is in a mess’. You stare back in disbelief, shrug your shoulders and quizzically wonder what this has to do with you. ‘Hey listen... I’m just trying to get on with surviving here and every moment you take of my time makes my survival more complicated. Things certainly are a mess out there but they’re a mess in here. I’m struggling to fix ‘this' mess and I’m certainly in no position to fix ‘that' mess’.

The intruder looks softer now and slightly broken by your words. His eyes glisten with compassion and he speaks softly. ‘You just don’t realise how much of a difference you can make out there do you - you are a world-changer’. 

‘Ha ha - I’m not a world changer! All my life I’ve been a failure and I’m from a long line of failures - and to add to it, my brothers and parents say I’m the worst of the family - so don’t go telling me silly things like that - I know what I am! A failure!!

The intruder slowly walks towards you - he almost whispers ‘You may have failed but you’re not a failure. I’ve come to tell you that your greatest days are ahead. Your future isn’t determined by your past and you have within you greatness - not just to survive but to fix that mess out there. There are battles ahead but you are a warrior and will win’.

Gideon was in hiding, crippled by his inadequacy and hijacked by his fears. If the angel of the Lord had not interrupted his day, Gideon would have died a failure. But this interruption changed the rest of his life. This interruption began a journey that didn’t just change Gideons life but changed an entire nation.

If Gideon’s life was like a guitar, we could safely say that he had one or two strings out of tune. He struggled to listen to the sound he was making with his life and believe that he could be a warrior, but as the Lord began to speak to him we see a vision being presented for how his life could sound. What ‘sound’ does God see in you and what strings are ‘out of tune’ at the moment? Will you let God interrupt your day today? Will you let His voice break the old ways of thinking and frame your future and begin to fine tune you? Just stop for a moment - stop hiding, stop running and just stop and listen to the interruptions of the voice of God and hear heaven call out the sound you were destined to make?

‘Heavenly Father - you who sees and knows all things. You know me better than I know myself and I realise that where our opinions differ about my potential, it is because the issues of life have ‘detuned’ some of my strings. Please give me wisdom to accept your words over my life and I invite you to speak your truth over me. Heal me of my inadequacy, fears, and man made limitations and fine tune me to be an instrument in your hands - for your glory! Amen’

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