What's your impression of church?

We often form our opinions based on hear-say and assumption, but not on recent experience.

Perhaps, for whatever reason, you have an impression that church is an out of date institution with an irrelevant message for 21st century life. At Rediscover Church we'd really encourage you to look further into church. We want to make it as easy as possible to rediscover what church is all about, and so we've put together these ABC steps:

A - Ask us to pray for needs in your life

B - Browse our live stream or Media

C - Come and Experience one of our Services

Central to the message of the church is a belief that God cares and wants to help us. We see God answering prayers regularly and it would be our privilege to pray for you. This could be a good way for you to start considering whether God is relevant today?

 Stepping into a church building can feel daunting for some and so we've made it possible for you to look through 'a window' first. You can join increasing numbers of people who watch our services live or listen to past talks on-demand. It's a discrete way for you to rediscover church.

We guarantee a terrific welcome, an uplifting service and an all round positive experience. Hundreds from young to old, gather each week from so many diverse walks of life and love it. They love God, love each other and would love you to experience this also.