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Our desire in mission is to let the whole world know and experience God and to live, love and thrive for him. Everyone has a different part to play, and all are important. We all have unique gifts; some spiritual, some more practical - some may serve full time for God overseas, others may play a more supporting role – each is vital. We want everyone to know what part God is asking them to play in his mission around the world.

Sometimes God wants us firmly in our home context, and sometimes he asks us to go overseas for a time. Elim mission exists to serve, send and equip people to do just that. Empowered by the Holy Spirit and with a faith that can move even mountains, anything is possible!

Let's dream big. Let's imagine a world with no suffering, no hunger, no disease. Let's imagine a world where everyone has a life-changing, awesome relationship with God. Lets imagine a world where every single person can live, love and thrive!


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To take part in overseas mission please refer to Elim Mission opportunities - click here!