The Rediscover Church Children's ministry desires that all children can experience a safe, fun and secure space where they can explore what God has for them. The children will engage in fun activities which will allow them to think about the developments required to become true children of God.
Through loving God, we encourage loving each other whilst growing together on their journey. Each phase of our children's ministry is a stepping stone to gaining a closer relationship with God. We have various different spaces for different age groups that run alongside our Sunday celebration services.

Little Steps
Little Steps is the name of our weekly Sunday Creche. This is a safe, fun and secure place where young children and parents are encouraged to be all that God wants them to be.

Explorers is our 3-6 year old weekly Sunday group. This group allows young people to engage in fun activities, whilst exploring who they are, who God is and who God wants them to be.

The adventurers is our 6-11 year old weekly Sunday group. This also coincides with our main Sunday celebration and provides a space for our young people as they adventures on their life journey. Our hope is that each Sunday will provide help for their journey, whilst enabling, equipping and releasing them to be young men and women of God.